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The Details…..

Autumn looks don’t have to be made up of dull colours which is a  point I was intent on proving in my Mango sweater, Gap Chinos, Zara brogues and River Island Jacket. Tanned jackets are a must have for Autumn, which is probably why I have 4 of them, but who would’ve known they would go so well with a rich yellow jumper and off white chino trousers.

This specific outfit was worn for a catch up with an old friend as we chatted for hours over flavoured latte’s and Victoria sponge cake slices. It’s a great outfit if you prefer to look stylish for a casual outing without over doing it. The long jacket is great for long walks back to the tube station as its guaranteed to keep you warm even in the harshest of weathers.

Walking from Pimlico to Hyde park corner probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do in shoes however I really enjoyed it, taking in all the beautiful London sights. I particularly enjoyed stumbling across a series of discreet boutique restaurants and coffee shops, some of which I’ll certainly be visiting again

So this autumn, please don’t be afraid to wear a touch of colour and embrace colours that typically don’t go together.