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Most of you reading this likely had no idea Ottawa is the capital city of Canada right or wrong? Don’t worry I never either and I love Geography and facts about different countries.

Why didn’t we know Ottawa is the Canadian capital city?

Most probably because it’s boring according to Canadians, who voted it the most boring city in The country. Additionally It was voted the most boring capital city in the world. To top things off it’s been touted as the coldest capital city in the world.

So the questions remains why on earth would I visit there?

Well I went for a conference called One young world (OYW). It’s a global conferences that focuses on young leaders and what we can do to impact social change across the world.
It was empowering and inspiring. I rubbed shoulders with Kofi Anan, Professor Mohammad Yunus and the stunning Meghan Markle.

What did the so called boring city have to offer?

Well as soon as I came through customs I was greeted to smiling and happy Canadians welcoming me to their city. Next up was a tour of the city, which was mesmerisingly beautiful. We travelled along the Rideau canal which during the winter transforms into the worlds largest skating rink with a distance of 7.8km (4.8 miles). A visit in the winter is a must just so I can experience skating on a canal;

The Rideau canal transforms into the worlds largest Ice Skating rink during the winter

Let’s get to the chase what’s the night life like?

Pants lol. The city does have a University so theres clearly places to party, however that doesn’t mask the fact that the nightlife isn’t great. We did find a few spots which played R&B and Hip Hop assuming that’s your music of choice.

The standard on Thursday and the “Ppl” on Friday and Saturday. Both played decent music but the standard in particular doesn’t allow much room for a Milly rock or Nae Nae lol.

Canadians have a queen?

They do indeed and her name is Queen Victoria, as in Buckingham Palace Queen Victoria.
They also have this amazing light show on parliament Hill. It’s a story about Canada’s history. Below is a short amateur clip I recorded on my visit.

Parliament hill resembles the House of Parliament and I even joked that their tall clock tower was called Big Ken after Londons Big Ben

Ottawa is quiet, peaceful and full of happy people, very little traffic and it’s as clean as a whistle. I think I may come back but definitely not to party lol.

What did you think the capital of Canada was?

Comment below and be honest because I thought it was Toronto too (Damn you Drake).