Love is in the Air

I’ve never been a Balenciaga trainer fan, and I’m not one to jump on the latest ‘fashion’ craze either. However I fell in love with the Balenciaga race runners, it felt like a movie. That epic scene where the man runs to the woman and she running towards him then they hug literally in mid air. This felt exactly the same, the only difference was there was no woman involved. Just a man and a pair of trainers, it was love and first sight. I didn’t really view them as a sports trainer, although they are. However I don’t imagine I’ll be wearing these jogging anytime soon.

What I’m wearing

The runners are accompanied by a checkered Zara blazer, a Moss bros orange jumper and blue Zara jeans. The blazer is a throwback Zara piece that got lost in my wardrobe for a few years. This is one of the few outfits you’ll see me wear, where the footwear out costs the rest of the outfit combined

You’ve been Tangoed

Orange is often a difficult colour to pull off, and often avoided by many. However I think it’s slowly becoming a more ‘trendy’ colour and wouldn’t be surprised if a lot more people embrace it. It looks stunning in Autumn especially when the leaves change to that bright orange colour as they prepare to fall from the trees.

We’ve come along way from the “You’ve been Tangoed jokes”, at least I think we have lol. This outfit was worn to my friends church which I visited and then to dinner with another friend.

As I strolled down Old street a woman stopped me and complimented me on my outfit and how ‘Autumny’ it looked. If I were to say it didn’t make my day I would be lying.

Have a wonderful day guys and let me know what your favourite colour Balenciaga Race Runner is