If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of its coats, Camel (tan, desert or beige as some may prefer) seems to be my favourite colour. I’ve purchased 4 in the last 3 months. TheTopMan coat may be my favourite though, it goes well with my Alexander Dobell leather gloves and Zara bag. The leather collar gives it a little edge which differentiates it from other tanned jackets. I can’t get enough of my Mr Gallion glasses also (you can purchase them from my shop). I wouldn’t normally wear gold frames with a beige jacket, unless, I have darker colours underneath. These however, are my favourite specs, so I sometimes can’t take them off my face. The shoes are from Topman too.

Men and Bags

Nowadays men are carrying a lot more objects on a day to day basis. However it looks horrible when our pockets are overloaded. In fact, it can completely ruin an outfit. Theres nothing worse than having a slim fitted suit, which is spoilt by several bulging pockets.

I usually travel with a a tub of Robb, 2 iPhones (One or music and one for phone uses), a charger bank, my wallet, sometimes my aftershave, my hand sanitizer and a few other bits. In other words I need a bag lol.

So if you’re commuting with an excessive load of items, then carry a bag.

Closing remarks

I’m definitely going to be upset when Summer arrives and it’s because I can’t wear long coats anymore. However I will be using my bag a lot more especially as the meetings pile up.

P.S I love summer.


Have a wonderful day ALL and feel free to leave a comment.