It’s all in the Cufflinks

A good quality white shirt is the epitome of class and this particular one from Moss Bros is no different. The problem is it looks exactly like any other white shirt. I was due to attend my a networking even at the Sanderson hotel, knowing that most the guys would be wearing white shirts the decision to differentiate mine was simple, the decision to wear the Moose Cufflinks from Moss Bros even easier. 

Cufflinks are often a statement of class or elegance, but to me, they’re an opportunity to make a statement. The trick is to get the balance right between classy and ‘different’, silver cufflinks always look good on a white shirt, so that’s always a good place to start, especially if not wearing a blazer. Whether it’s a Smart casual or formal outfit Cufflinks always add a touch of prestige to an outfit.

This particular afternoon was quite warm, so there was no need for a blazer and full advantage was taken. The cufflinks above are definitely one of my favourites and I’m looking forward to wearing them again.