But its not actually a story

Grey is probably the dullest colour of them all, but it’s a colour still loved by many. Typically I would’ve worn this Grey 3 piece Donegal suit from Next with a white shirt and solid coloured tie. Nevertheless, I opted for a dark H&M Floral shirt and no tie. What’s the primary reason for this? It reflected and projected my mood at the time. However I did try to brighten it up with my Ralph Lauren socks, Aldo shoes and Mr Gallion Pin.

Social Media

You very rarely see a sad face posted on Instagram unless of course its Kanye West lol. The world is a cruel place and exposing your weaknesses is like jumping into a Shark infested waters. Something I’ve notice about social media is everyone always appears to be consistently happy. I’m not saying no-one should be in a good mood or everyone should be sad. In an ideal world life would be exactly like that, but it’s not. From experience I’ve learned it’s considerably much easier to broadcast the positive news, than it is the bad.
Example: Someone starts a new job, consequently they tell the world. Same person gets sacked from their job, informs no one and suffers alone. I’m not saying broadcast your downfalls. As previously expressed, exposing your weaknesses and ‘nakedness’ makes you vulnerable.

Stronger than you think

What I will state however is absorb strength from knowing whatever trial or tribulation you’re going through, you’re bigger than it. A lot of people go to the gym to improve their physical strength, but the mental is just as important. If you can condition your mind to deal with testing times, you’ll overcome issues at a faster rate, with more knowledge at the end of it and renewed faith. I’m sure most of us have heard or had someone say to us God will never put us through more than we can bear etc… And that’s so true but I’ve always found comfort from 1st Peter 5 vs 10 which reads…

“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you”

Cry Baby…

Love that the verse speaks of hope and subsequent positives after the test. It’s a reminder that life its self is a test. It’s a similar concept to studying for an exam. You have sleepless nights, anxiety, stress related pains etc.. but when you pass and receive your qualification, there’s joy and jubilee.

“No point crying over spilt milk.”

I love that saying because it’s so relevant. Crying won’t solve any of your issues it may make you feel better and act as a form of expression. Thus, if you need to shed tears, have your moment. I personally prefer hugs lol.


Find a trusted confident to be honest with, a mentor or compassionate friend are great for such a role.
I have a series of songs I engage with to uplift my sprit during the more challenging periods. Possibly you can adopt a similar tactic and find yourself your own song.
The most tried and trusted method in my opinion is prayer, combined with whole hearted belief that God will assist you in overcoming and dealing with your situation. Even if things are terribly negative ask God to give you strength and understanding to ride the wave. Even if you don’t know how to pray just close your eyes and make noise lol, As crazy as it may sound, God understands every language including gibberish.  I’ve never learnt to surf, but I feel like a pro when surfing the Oceans of all my problems and that’s honestly through my belief in God.

However writing this post doesn’t make me an expert, I just know things got better when I seeked, found and involved God.