Gifts for people with MS

A few weeks ago I confronted with the challenge of buying my friend a gift for his 30th birthday. Now for most of my friends this would’ve be an easy task, however most of my friends don’t have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is a degenerative condition which affects the nervous system. It affects people in different ways but with most cases the end result is full or partial disability. My friend unfortunately is immobile so finding a gift did prove difficult, however he’s my friend and I know what he needs and wants right?

Another factor I had to consider is his full time carer which in this case is the strongest woman I know, his mum (tied with mine obviously lol). His mum has recently retired from all types of employment, however she has not retired from being a mum and carer. Any gift idea should if possible consider the primary carer for the celebrant, they need respite too.

I decided to write this post to help those who may find themselves in a similar situation. I will list my top 5 gift ideas which you can all use for your loved ones who may have MS or similar conditions. I’ve included shopping links and pictures.

1. Cinema cards/Gift cards/ tickets to shows, sporting events etc… – This will mean they can go cinema etc… with whoever, whenever.


2. Food processor or Blenders e.g. Nutri Bullet, Magic Bullet or Ninja Bullet. Consuming solids can become very difficult as the condition worsens.


3. A Netflix or other TV subscription (This can include music such as Spotify too). If they liked music of TV before their condition the likelihood


4. Your time, visit them or even better take them out. A change of scenery is great and will give the carer some time to rest




5. Massage and bodywork, perfect for their anxiety and depression.



6. To a holiday home for disabled people, they have carers on site and can cater for all their needs, again giving the full-time carer some much needed rest.