Following on from last weeks posts, I’ve posted a series of steps that can assist you in unlocking your potential. I cannot guarantee they will work for everybody, however they will most certainly help.

1. Having a clear and anxiety free mind

A less congested mind allows you more capacity to focus on your visions and chasing goals. Anxiety and a cluttered head will only lead to stress and a confused thought process. Working under these pressures is horrible and will negatively impact your outcomes. Try do de clutter your mind daily, share your problems with a trusted person and problem solve.

2. Productive relationships

Having healthy relationships which benefit you and inspire you, are crucial to achieving your own greatness. A good friend or partner should energise and support not drain you. Bad relationships weigh heavy on the mind, body and soul. They consume a great deal of time and energy with little good coming from it.

3. Health is wealth

A healthy mind and body is extremely important for life in general. Its sometimes easier said than done however there is a lot you can control. Things such as a the right amount of sleep, consuming the necessary vitamins and nutrients too. People who have health issues spend a lot of their time worrying and dealing with their problems. For as much as you can control look after your body and mind, this may occur naturally with some of the other tips.

4. Financial freedom

Release yourself from all debts. Debt and money issues are some of the biggest stressors. When stressed, it’s extremely difficult to perform at your best ability. Financial freedom will help to clear some of the uncertainty that may reside in your mind. Studies show the most common causes of unhappiness usually involve money. The sooner your ability to manage your finances the better.

5. Breaking down aims into achievable objectives

This will help increase the probability of reaching your goals. When things are collapsed down into smaller tasks they become less daunting. Additionally, it will increase your motivation, the more you achieve the smaller goals, the more you’ll be encouraged to reach the end goal.

6. Become your own inspiration

Inspire yourself, get out of your comfort zone and achieve what others may see as minimal but are far from to you. I enjoy looking back at old achievements and remembering how hungry I was to succeed. It reinvigorates me and reminds me what I am capable of achieving when I apply myself.

7. Learn to love yourself and identify your just how amazing you are and can be

One of the greatest reasons for people failing to unlock their potential, is their lack of self belief. If you have no belief in your own ability, then no-one else will. You have to be your number one supporter, once that happens others will naturally support you. Don’t let others perception of you define who you are, be defined by how you perceive yourself.