The sad truth

Frankly, it’s extremely heartbreaking seeing people with so much potential settling for average. I work with a lot of young people and too many of them lack ambition. It’s nearly like they don’t understand their today will shape their tomorrow. Unfortunately, many adults have similar issues, likely an unshiftable trait from their youths. Sadly, we reside in an era where many people shelf their potential and aspirations in order to just get by.

We all possess a set of skills and tools that if utilised to their full potential will see us elevated above our current positions. You might be an excellent public speaker, but due to a lack of boldness you may never be afforded a platform. You might be a great writer, but extremely nervous. Consequently, you never release a book.

It’s impossible for these skills to be identified if they are inhibited by fear. The first step however is to unlock your potential. Identify that you have these abilities. Once unlocked face your fears and challenge yourself, challenge yourself to be great. Take baby steps like speak at a small office meeting or a low numbered support group. Write an article or short tale and share amongst a few friends.

No regrets

Think back 10 years ago. Now just consider how fast those 10 years have flown by.

This is a reminder that

“You only have one life, and that one life has limited time”

If you live In fear your whole life that’s a life wasted. You don’t want a life full of regrets wishing you had done this and that. It’s self torture. Reality is we have short life spans, use the time as wisely, and as effectively as possible. Many of us forget that one day we’ll be old and maybe need looking after. Don’t let it be then, that you realise life has flown by without you achieving your desired goals. One of my favourite sayings is

“Don’t let your 80 year old self be upset with your 20 year old self”

What I tell my young people

I’m encouraging you to push your own boundaries, and if need be take risks. To be outstanding you have to exit your comfort zone and do things that even you’ll be surprised by. Jessica Simpson was an extremely shy child and still is. Yet she’s a household name for something we wouldn’t couple with shyness.

She states

“I am a very shy person, but I do believe that God has blessed me with a gift that I need to share”

She wasn’t comfortable being bold, but she made a conscious decision to challenge herself. In challenging herself, she became great. Not because she became a household name but because she utilised her talent and achieved what they said she couldn’t.
Challenge yourself

I recall when I first walked into a boxing gym. I never once thought ill ever have a boxing match, but a few years after I did. I’ve never lost and nowadays I’m a qualified England boxing I chose to come out of my comfort zone, I also chose to apply myself. You’ll. ever know how amazing you can be till you begin stretching yourself.
Growing up you would’ve struggled to find a more timid and shy Individual than me. Yet now I stand in front of a camera taking high resolution photographs, posting them for public praise or criticism. Again, I’ve chosen to push my boundaries to where it was extremely uncomfortable. The key factor is self belief once you have confidence in yourself and your capabilities, others will believe in you too.

How badly do you want to be great?

One of my favourite boxers always says  “Dare to be great”

What he means is do what the doubters say you can’t do by proving them wrong. Do something that will cement your legacy and that when people talk about you they can say he or she achieved this or that.

  • Apply for that job they said you can’t do.
  • Write that script they said you wouldn’t be able to write
  • Run that 5k when they said you wouldn’t even be able to walk.

We have only one life. I’m imploring you not waste it.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week