Social Media and 2016

The last few weeks I’ve noticed an alarming number of social media status describing how difficult 2016 was. Many about depression and failure. Some in a playful nature spoke about their multiple losses.

Encouragingly however, I’ve also seen many statuses from people displaying optimism and hope for the new year. That’s a theme I believe we should espouse and live by this new year.

Below is what I hope will be an encouraging post. The latter half inspired by Dr Charles Stanley.

Embrace your Losses

Why are people so afraid of losses? I’m not saying we should look ahead to our losses and celebrate them. We should, however, embrace them. Embrace them irrespective of how much they ache. Losses don’t define you, but they should educate you. If you don’t learn from a loss, it’s a missed opportunity and that implies you may have suffered in vain. I refuse to be upset and at loss without taking away any positives.
Without your losses you probably wouldn’t be half the person you are today. You would likely have a fraction of the wisdom and knowledge you posses today. Personally the most horrific life experiences, have been my biggest educators. One question I’ve meditated on a lot is the following

“Is a loss to me, a loss to God also?”

Take a minute to really reflect on this question. Perhaps you’ve lost something YOU cherished but God didn’t want you to have that in your life. It could’ve been a job, a partner, a million Pound deal which fell through. You were probably furious, upset and bitter towards God. Yet, when you honestly audit the situation you’ll be able to gain an understanding that maybe it wasn’t my time or maybe I wasn’t ready.

I’ve always maintained that God knows better than to make me a multi multimillionaire the kind of person who would fly to America and spend $30,000 in one night on drink and be the life and soul of the party. I would obviously invest as well. But the truth is God knows me better than I know myself and he knows I’ll do a lot of rubbish with the money. Consequently, I’ve accepted I’m not receiving that million pound status till I’m mentally ready for it.

Are you an actor with a script or the director who wrote the script?

Before I get onto the message of Brokenness I’ve also noticed many people complain about situations they do nothing to change.
Ask yourself this, are you proactive or reactive? If your response is reactive then I encourage you to change that mindset and behaviour this year. Find out your purpose and be go-getter. If you stand still and wait for things to happen or only move when pushed. Then I’m sorry, but every year will be a bad year. You have 2 options let external factors run your life or assume control and run it yourself.


Charles Stanley talks about Brokenness which I’ve summarised in my own words below.
Brokenness is God’s means of bringing us closer to him. To move us further away from being controlled by our flesh, and our own will. God desires to break us so we can be controlled by the Holy Spirit that dwells in us and not our flesh. He targets the areas of our lives where we’ve decided to live independently of Him (we all have those area(s).

Brokenness isn’t suppose to make people lose their will to live or drive them into depression. However, it will hurt and cause periods of sadness, but it will be structured in a way that we can deal with it. It’s designed to put every aspect of our life into total submission to his will. This will allow God’s purpose for creating us to be accomplished. (The reason many of us haven’t found our purpose is because we’re spiritually rebellious)

This might be losing a job, breaking up with a partner, even losing mobility for a short period of time. When it comes to Brokenness God will target those areas that most hinder his purpose and will for our lives.

Sometimes when you go through what feels like the end of the world, it’s God removing you from a harmful situation to bring us closer to him.

Paul was broken with blindness, thrown into jail, beaten. This is because he had to be broken from 2 key areas


  1.  Trying to live the Christian life in his own strength independent of the Holy Spirit. Romans chapter 7 specifically vs 14.
  2. The 2nd key area can be found in 2nd Corinthians chapter 12 specifically Vs 7 – where it talks of the thorn in his flesh and his self exaltation.

Paul went on to become the most humble teachers of them all. If God can do a 360 to an accomplished sinner like Paul, imagine what he can perform for you.


2017 God has a plan for you. I recognize it sounds cliche, but I promise you he has great things in store for you. All you have to do is seek, listen and believe with a faithful heart. Even if 2017 is your year of Brokenness be grateful, be strong and ride the wave like the amazing surfer you are lol.

Let go and let God.
Happy 2017.

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