Think of your greatest fear, now imagine what would happen if you was asked to face that fear right now. The majority of us wouldn’t be able to overcome the fear because when fear grips your heart, it’s an extremely difficult bond to break. Fear, unfortunately holds many captive, including myself. I’ve always dreamt of singing in my church choir or going on a decent rollercoaster ride so far fear has prevented me from doing either one.

What is fear?

“An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.”

Fear shouldn’t be underestimated, it’s closely related to many other emotions, most of which are negative. It’s part of a hypothesised set of emotions including anxiety, anger, panic, and sadness. These consequence emotions truly add emphasise to the importance of combatting and overcoming fear.
I asked a small group of people to list all the things they’ve avoided as a result of fear. Their lists were all pretty meaty, made up several activities or ideas that had been abandoned due to fear. I asked the same group to list any regrets they have both before and after I asked my initial question. The first band of responses was littered with “I don’t have regrets just learning curves”. However The second set of answers reluctantly featured regrets for all the participants. This highlights the restriction fear can bear on us. It’s a restriction that can bring about regret and unhappiness.


“Your biggest fear carries your greatest growth”

I really want you to mediate on the above quote and understand it’s true significance. It’s extremely important to understand that fear is a sickness, it cripples and prevents you from achieving so much. If the person who made the device you’re reading this post on was fearful, then we would likely have no computer or mobile devices. As humans, it’s normal to be afraid of what people will think, that’s why we don’t wear that particular shoes or wear that top. Fear is something we learn, we’re not born with it, it’s an emotion we shouldn’t even display. In 2nd Timothy verse 7, Paul wrote to Timothy

“God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power and love and discipline”

Why it’s good to not be fearful

I love talking about greatness and inspiring others to be the greatest versions of themselves. However, having that cloud of fear sitting over you won’t allow you to be as great as you possibly can. To attain your full potential you have to overcome the fear of failure or persecution. To live with fear is to live in slavery without liberty. Every time we fail to face a fail we put a limitation on a our lives. If you are ok with being average then accept your fears and allow them to imprison you. However if you’re aware that your destined to be great or just want to be better then face and beat your fears.


I will speak about overcoming fear in part 2, but for now take encouragement from David from the Bible. He tackled so many ‘frightening’ situations, but he done so with the guidance of the Lord. He placed his faith in God when tackling a fearsome Giant and speaking in public. In the meantime Psalm 27 is an amazing verse that can help you to overcome any situation. Have a read of it next time you feel fearful about something.


Title taken from the song “No Longer slaves”