Being open minded is a gift we should all give to ourselves. Embrace being wrong and seeing things from perspectives that aren’t natural to us. Not being open minded is one of the best ways to prevent growth and happiness.

“A closed mind will lead to closed doors”

One of most challenging things to do is to admit when you’re wrong, especially during a heated debate. However the ability to so is a skill that should not be underestimated, its a skill which is rewarded with increased wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Being able to accept when wrong and adopt a new way of thinking influenced is a skill I wish we all had, everyone has something they can learn from someone else.

Open minded lifestyle 

I think everyone in life should engage with something new, whether its food, a country to visit or even an activity. I remember my friend through a dart at a Map. He claimed he would visit the first 3 countries the dart landed on. The 2nd country was Somalia, he quickly changed the rules of his game and dismissed travelling to Somalia. If his reason were based on the civil war, I would’ve been at ease, with his dismissive attitude towards the country. Unfortunately it wasn’t, his decisions were based on ignorance.

I recall when I visited China and was scared to eat for the first 2 days, after a while I loosened up and began eating a variety of dishes. My open minded attitude however lead to me ACCIDENTALLY eating Donkey. It looked like a meat pie/patty/Cornish pasty type of dish.

Being open minded with wisdom 

Being open minded doesn’t mean you believe everything you hear, most especially when someone articulates themselves very well. It’s easy to fall in love with the way someone says something instead of what they actually say.

Most importantly It doesn’t mean compromising your beliefs, especially religious beliefs.


A few tips to becoming more open minded

1. Avoid acting out of anger when someone has a contrasting view from yourself even when it’s personal. Peoples views are sometimes great ways to learn about life or about you.
2. Do things that are foreign to you, try new activities or things that make you nervous. The more you do things outside of your comfort zone, the sooner you’ll develop an open mind
3. Ask questions, the best way to develop and learn is to ask questions. This will automatically broaden your horizon and outlook on life


Hope you enjoyed, please leave any comments or questions you may have 🙂