Dear Me

Writing a letter to yourself sounds weird doesn’t it? Few questions immediately pop to mind such as what do you actually write? When does it start becoming weird? What’s the purpose of it?

Hopefully today I can resolve some of those questions for you.

Everyone has those days when they feel extremely low. Those days where we forget exactly how amazing we are. Those horrible periods where you more than likely feel a little like a failure. Or perhaps someone has viciously attacked your character. Called you so many horrible names that you actually start to believe it. It’s difficult to bounce back from those days, especially once the negative thoughts begin bouncing around your head.

So why write a letter? How can it assist with your ‘down’ days?

One day, perhaps today, write a letter to yourself celebrating all of your achievements and accolades. Write about your successes and wins, irrespective of how minor or big they may appear. If you’re a parent write about your amazing child(ren) you help bring into this world, jot down the time you helped a homeless man or the degree you acquired. There’s no boundary to what you can or should write. Once written put it away, then on one those ‘crappy’ days read the letter and recall all your accomplishments. You’ll soon discover that a letter to yourself is one the best gifts you’ve ever received.
I consider one of the worst feelings, is being attacked verbally by another human being. I used to take such attacks personally till I began living by one of my favourite sayings.

“Anybody can judge you, but only Gods judgement matters”

Acts 17:31

There’s always going to be individuals who will try hard to make me you feel less good about yourself, that’s life. However you should never allow another persons opinion of you, to define you, especially someone who is deliberately being nasty. At the end of the day, it’s only their meaningless opinion, which likely derives from their own insecurities. However if several people are saying the same thing do use it as an opportunity to self reflect and make the necessary adjustments if need be.

Isn’t it a little self-aggrandising?

Some of you may be thinking, doesn’t the bible teach about being humble and against boasting.. Well, yes it does. Composing a letter to yourself is not boasting at all, it’s a private celebration of your achievements and a reminder of how God has been faithful to you. If you don’t celebrate yourself, then who will? (Rhetorical question). My personal letter is effectively a reminder of how faithful and amazing God has been to me. Even when I probably didn’t deserve he gave me things to celebrate. There’s no-one who knows your struggles and successes more intimately than you, automatically that makes you the most qualified author of the letter.

Letters are time consuming, are there alternatives?

I’m quite a visual person and thus opted for a different approach. My letter is simply a list. However, I’ve supplemented it by dedicating a section of my living room to my accomplishment. Whenever I have a below par day, the first thing I do is take a seat and look at all my achievements corner. My mood is instantly lifted as It reminds me of how blessed I actually am. (I’ll put a pic up later today of mine) Others great ideas are stickers post it notes on the ceiling or around the house. Drawings and mood board type templates are good too