Europe’s busiest Railway Station

Clapham Junction is home to Europe’s busiest railway station ( 1 train every 13 seconds). Thousands of people pass through there every day, including MEEEEE. The odds are with so many people travelling through the area, there’s bound to be several restaurants….


I thought Hana was a girls name?

Well, I decided to find out, not specifically to write this post, but because I was truly hungry and so was my friend I was with. After some deliberation, we ended up at Hana, a lovely Korean restaurant on Battersea rise. I was originally going to fabricate this whole tale about how we stumbled across it, but I’ll save that for another time lol. My friend had previously been there and she advocated it, so Korean food it was.


What did I order?

They have a lunch deal which I was unfortunately too late to benefit from. Nevertheless, if you’re local to the area do definitely try to experience it. Seeing as I’m attempting to slowly weed red meat out of my diet I opted for the seafood grill, this consisted of;

  • Mussels
  • king prawns
  • scallops
  • and squid in a fruity brown sauce

I additionally ordered a pot of Green tea and a bowl noodles. My food came out on a cool shell shaped plate which was a dainty touch. 


Overall the food was good, it didn’t fill me up, but it was tasty and I will be going back, but for a more filling meal this time. The service was ok, the food time was about 15 minutes which isn’t too bad especially if you have a starter while you wait (I never)

60 Battersea rise is a short walk from Clapham Junction station, but for the more niche restaurants it’s worth the little walk. Assuming you won’t miss your train that is lol.

Has anyone else ever eaten from Hana before? Anyone tempted to now?

Enjoy your day folks.