Can a goal be too ambitious?

Aiming high is great for most, it can act as a great personal motivator which inspires a person to maximise their full potential. For others however it can be crippling, it could cause anxiety and if the goal is not achieved it could create a sense of failure and feeling like you’re not good enough. I’ve always had the belief that everyone should aspire to be the best possible version of themselves, setting objectives is certainly part of the process, but these goals need to be SMART (see diagram below).

It’s very important to ensure that you are setting goals for the correct reason also. Goals need to be set for you and you only. If it’s set to impress others then then it’s likely to be one you wont be motivated to achieve.  One of the biggest issues I’ve observed is individuals setting objectives to appease others or because they look impressive. It’s most prominent in circles where several of the people are doing extremely well for themselves. Those who aren’t on the same level of esteem as their peers, often feel pressured to aspire higher than they MAY be capable of achieving in their desire to close the gap. I strongly believe there’s no point in setting goals that are unrealistic, otherwise they’re just goals for decorative purposes.

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The importance of setting achievable targets

I had a pal who aspired to be NBA basketball player within 12 months; he was 25 and playing sparingly in a low semi-professional league within the UK.  I thought it was wonderful that he believed in himself but he wasn’t being realistic. The failure and the weight of expectations had detrimental effects on him and he soon crumbled mentally.

When setting your goals aim high but be realistic, don’t put your mental health and happiness at risk. We have one life, make the most of it but ensure you’re in a healthy state to do so.

“Everybody is strong and resilient until failure occurs”

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I’m not saying don’t take risks, sometimes failure is healthy and is the catalysts for renewed learning and a greater comeback, I just want us all to have healthy minds not stressed by impractical goals. Click this text for tips on how to achieve your goals and become ‘a goal getter as well as a goal setter’