What is a superhero

When we think of super heroes we tend to visualise a strong man or woman with a cape and super natural powers. The powers I always associate with super humans are flying and catching bullets with their bare hands. This visualisation of a superhero is pretty normal as it’s the image forced upon us by mainstream media. In this post however, this is not the superhero I’ll be exploring.

My super hero of reference has no cape and no real extraordinary powers. What they do have however is an extraordinary personality and set of natural or learnt characteristic traits.

mother-teresa-mini-biographyThe traits that automatically spring to mind are empathy, selflessness , compassion and open mindedness. I’ll explain later how these make them a super hero. What they do have in common with superman and wonder women is they tend to always be there when you need them. These people are usually your friends, partners, family members and in some cases that nice person online with a heart bigger than Times Square. They’re the people in your lives who go above and beyond for you, sometimes at their own detriment. When an individual puts another beings needs before there’s is admirable, especially in a world where we’re taught to put ourselves first. Time is everything and for someone to spend their time prioritising you is priceless. I have this specific friend who constantly stretches herself to ensure those around her stay mentally afloat. My mentor is another who donates any available time and capital to his mentees.

There’s no perfect superhero

However every superhero has their kryptonite and us being humans it’s usually fatigue. When you sow so much time and emotion into others you need to be extremely cautious. It’s easy to give and give but if No-one is giving to you, you’ll have nothing left. The only person suffering will be the giver. A car that is not replenished with fuel will not be able to function at all, and when its low on fuel it operates at a less than ideal standard. The same concept applies to us as humans, It’s very important to look after number one first.

running-on-emptyThose with the qualities described above sometimes believe they can help everyone, unfortunately this isn’t the case. There are some people who just don’t know how to be loved or appreciate the value in others opinions, especially those close to them. They often believe that no-one understands their situation and rather than actively seek or accept help, they swallow in their pity. If you try and try and each time it’s in vain the best thing to do is help that person seek help elsewhere, for the following 2 reasons.

Note I’m not saying to completely cut all ties.

  • You’ve sowed your seed and now need to allow someone else to water your seeds to have impact. You can love and care either from a distance or by simple being a shoulder to cry on. Most importantly though is to support them through prayer.
  • If you release and release into this person and get nothing back, you may well develop a resentful heart towards them. Even if you continue to sow into them it may not be with a cheerful heart which may actually impact your interaction with them and both of your progress.

jsz_emotionally_tired_onBeing a source of counsel to someone close has its drawbacks.

Trying to be your partners counsellor is the worst thing one can do. Some people have been hurt so bad in their lives that it’s difficult for any familiar personality to help them change. The thing with heartache and pain is it affects many subconsciously, they’re hearts are willing, yet fail to see how their behaviours affect those who care about them.

In the bible there’s many examples of those who turned their noses up at solid advice and acts of compassion from their loved ones. In (Mark 3:1–6) Jesus healed a mans withered hand on the sabbath, rather than be grateful, they rebelled, rejected and even tried to kill him.

Another example is when Paul preached to the Jews in Corinth, they continued to reject the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. For three months Paul reasoned with them in their synagogue, but “some of them became obstinate; they refused to believe and publicly maligned the Way” (Acts 19:9). As a result, Paul took the disciples and left the rejecters of the good news in their stubbornness and unbelief.

What I’m getting at is we can have all the desire and good intentions in the world, we can shed all the sweat, blood and tears we want, we cannot impact everyone in a positive way. Jesus was sent by God himself, died on the cross and performed miracles yet people still rebuked him. God knows our hearts and as long as we have a heart that serves him and is full of good intention, I’m sure we will be rewarded.

Have a beautiful day and an amazing 2018