Erroll Spence Jr vs Lamont Peterson

If you go through the weight divisions in boxing 1 man that will likely come up in your P4P top 10 is Erroll Spence Jr, and luckily for boxing fans he’s in action again this weekend against a 2 weight world champion in Lamont Peterson. I’m very excited for this fight, so much so I spent much of my week looking at flights and fight tickets to watch the event live. These two are famed for their hard work in the gym, there’s fewer boxers who work harder than these 2.


To casual boxing fans their names may ring a bell due to know their respective world title victories. Peterson defeating Amir Khan in a controversial point’s decision in Washington DC (2011). Spence Jr’s biggest victory is a little more recent, he came over to Kell Brook’s hometown and stopped him in the 11th round for his IBF world title.

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Peterson is the older and more experienced of the 2, but he is not the favourite. He’s a great boxer and in my opinion deserved the victory against Danny Garcia when they met at the Barclays centre in April on 2015. I remember watching him live at the same venue the year before, (the famous Rod Salka night) and I saw first hand how fast and powerful he is. He impressively jabbed the life of Sanatana, while landing vicious right hands. I’m yet to see Spence up close but I’ve seen enough on TV and he’s an elite fighter, I just wished he used his feet a little more.

It sometimes feels that Erroll Spence is this mythical fighter who everyone respects very highly, before he acquired his world title, experts were already calling him the man to beat at 147lbs (Welterweight divison). As soon a Mayweather retired the attention turned to Spence, even though the other champions in the division were Pacquioa, Keither Thurmans, Danny Garcia and Kell Brook, 3 of which were undeafted and 1 an 8 weight world champion. There was rumours of him Blacking Floyd Mayweathers eye and knocking out Adrien Broner in sparring. He calls himself the truth and boxing insiders agreed unanimously.


Peterson is a really really good boxer but Spence has more varieties to his boxing and I believe he will beat him, he hits harder, is physically bigger and has the ability to deal with an ageing slick boxer like Peterson. We could see Spence break him down at the body and gradually slow him down. I do have the feeling this is going to turn into a dog fight.