The 2 best boxers EVER
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 loma-rigo-posterThe most anticipated fight ever?

Guillermo Rigondeaux (Rigo) vs Vasyl Lomachenko (Loma)… Many of you know I have deep love for boxing, the passion is so strong I felt it necessary to incorporate it into my blog somehow. Fittingly my first boxing post is about a fight I’m going to watch live, it will explore 2 boxers most have never heard of but in my opinion epitomise the term “sweet science”. The bout between Lomachecnko and Rigondeaux is to me the most anticipated fight of the year, to put it lightly it’s a mega fight. Unfortunately however, it’s a mega fight with minimal promotion, this sadly highlights the frustrating politics in boxing. That being said the winner of this bout could potentially be crowned as the P4P King (The best active boxer).

In my humble but honest opinion (this is the bit I expect a reaction to) Rigondeaux and Lomachenko are the 2 best fighters EVER, bar NONE. I think P4P they would beat anyone from any era in any division, the reason being is their skill level is on a level that has never been seen previously.

rigoRigondeaux technically is the greatest I’ve ever seen, he looks as good as 90% of boxers wish they looked while fighting, It’s a look they aspire but never achieve. When you talk about being calm under pressure that’s Rigondeaux, you’ll struggle to name a boxer who looks as relaxed as he does in the squared circle.


Lomachenko however is just as skilled A Rigo, but with a more modern approach, he has the skill set that every boxer is currently aspiring to achieve. His style is what current and future boxers will benchmark as their aim, Josh Kelly is testament to this. His footwork and ability to create unorthodox but effective angles is beautiful to watch.

The heart breaking thing about this fight is many have never heard of  Loma or Rigo even though between them they hold 4 Olympic Gold medals and have been world champions in multiple weight classes. I was excited to hear the fight was being staged at Madison Square Garden NYC but bitterly disappointed to discover it was in the garden (the smaller events room). Their amateur records are the 2 best EVER and Lomachenko’s sole professional defeat was in his 2nd professional fight (he fought for a world title). I rate these guys so much that I’m going to watch the fight live literally doing 12 hours in the sky just to watch a fight. It’s not every day you can say you watched the 2 greatest fighters who ever lived fight each other.


My heart says Rigondeaux, he’s my favourite active fighter, I love his story, his aura and his technical brilliance. However Lomachenko is the bigger and younger man fighting on his promotional companies show. The odds are staced heavily against Rigo, but P4P he is the more concussive puncher who has fought multiple men bigger than him. Loma relies heavily on creating angles which he easily does against orthodox fighters. Rigo however is a southpaw with excellent movement and defence. Those angle may not be as easy to find as Loma has found against lesser opponents. Loma does have a convincing win against a very good south paw boxer in Gary Russel, but Gary relies on speed whereas Rigo has speed and much more in his locker. It’s an intriguing fight and I hope Rigo hasn’t accepted the fight just for a pay day. I want to and truly believe he is daring to be great by beating the best.

Tale of the Tape


Guillermo Rigondeaux Tale of The Tape Vasyl Lomachenko
18 Wins 9
0 Lost 1
12 KOs 7
0 Draws 0
18 Total Bouts 10
67% KO% 70%
5’5″ Height 5’7″
68″ Reach 65″
Southpaw Stance Southpaw
La Prueba, Santiago de Cuba Nationality Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Ukraine
September 30th, 1980 Date of Birth February 17th, 1988

Fun Facts

Lomachenko’s dad stopped him from boxing so he could learn to dance, this is a move many attribute to his elegant footwork.

Rigondeaux melted his Olympic Gold medals in his mouth.